About Quorum

Quorum is a high quality, small chamber choir based in Milton Keynes. The choir sings a variety of music and specialises in Renaissance and contemporary sacred music, often sung at church services. The group is considered ‘quorate’ when there are enough people present to cover each part, hence the name Quorum. We are extremely lucky to be able to rehearse at St Mary Magdalen, Willen, built around 1678 – 1680 (the date 1680 is cast into the plasterwork of the barrel-vault ceiling of the nave). This provides a wonderful and inspiring home for the choir.

The choir has an outstanding reputation for singing challenging, unaccompanied repertoire, at a very high standard. The choir is flexible, and is able to provide suitable music for a wide range of church services, weddings and other events (such as music festivals).  Since its founding in 1984 Quorum has developed into a fine amateur choir capable of singing music that is often the preserve of professional choirs, or elite amateur choirs.

Quorum’s repertoire is very varied. It includes music by English Tudor Composers (Byrd and Tallis), composers of Spain’s golden age (Victoria, Vivanco, Guerrero and Lobo) and choral music from the 20th and 21st centuries (Tavener, Part, Stopford, Macmillan).

The choir provides music for Choral Evensongs, Sung Eucharists and Words and Music services in local churches. Each year Quorum sings weekend services at a cathedral, is much in demand and has sung at nearly all of them. In 2019 Quorum will be a visiting choir at Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey and in 2020 Quorum can be heard at Chester Cathedral and Durham Cathedral.

Quorum is available to sing at weddings and corporate events.  If you would like Quorum to sing at your event please contact us using the form and include the date and location of the event.

The current musical director is David Bray. David was formally a professional trumept player, the County Music Adviser for Northamptonshire and has extensive experience conducting choirs.

If you are interested in joining Quorum please contact us, outlining your singing experience and voice part. Singers do not pay any subscription to be a choir member. We are always interested in hearing from high standard singers, including those who are able to help with visits to cathedrals or other specific events.